I am a postdoc at the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) in Bergen, Norway. There, I work on improving the relationship between workers and managers at medium-scale enterprises in Ethiopian cities.

Before working at CMI I did my PhD at the Development Economics Group, Wageningen University. In my PhD I examined the impact of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions on the local population. Large-Scale Land Acquisitions are sometimes called Agricultural FDI or Land Grabs. There is a very heated debate about it but has hardly been researched in a quantitative manner. I examine these acquisitions in Sierra Leone, which has been subject to many of these investments. For more information click here.

A second strand of research I examine is social network analysis. Here I examine how social networks can be used to optimize technological diffusion, how they shape diffusion practices and how they correlate with human behavior. For more information click here.

I irregularly write little guides on how to automate or optimize small programming tasks. See a list here